Feeling so lost right now. Like everything is wrong. Something is very wrong somewhere.

Can I just get lost for once? Instead of feeling lost, actually getting lost.

But you know what. I’m pretty sure everything is in its right place, but I don’t want it to be.

Feeling so restless… Why am I feeling so restless right now. Almost feel like I’m panicking.

Haha, in retrospect, that sounds really stupid, doesn’t it.

Have I mentioned?

I hate being a hopeful person. Was raised by happiness and to expect the best of people.

But then I only see the worst in people, including myself. And even then I hope for the best in people and wonder why nobody else does the same.


きらきら | 亜月

Someone unsad me please. All I ask for is adorable.


Street Fighter Alpha’s Charlie pops by with some sweet rollerblades to shoot some dudes in Cannon Spike!

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